Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's been nearly a decade since I moved to AZ from Utah. Despite the time's passage, I still miss the change in seasons, especially the winter white of Christmas. Somehow a long sleeved shirt or possibly a thin sweater just doesn't conjure up images of "chestnuts roasting on an open fire". Neither does the yellowed grass and blue sky feel like a walk in a "winter wonderland". So by the time I'm in a Christmas mood, the season is nearly done and I feel like In an effort to prevent this, I set up the tree and trim the house right after Thanksgiving. This year I've also begun the treat/goodies department much earlier (usually we only do it 2 weeks before the big 25 - yes I'm a bit of a health freak) to allow for more time to enjoy the things my tastebuds associate with the holiday. I suspect it will show a little more around the waistline, but after all, this is what Christmas is about - more love, more giving and more eating! ;0)

Isaac is such a big boy now! He had carefully watched Uncle Brian putting up the tree and insisted that he do the same. So I obediently 'fluffed' and Keila patiently passed him the branches. What a team!

We went to the Tomlachoff Farms again this year. We has such great shot from going 2 years ago and hoped for the same thing. Unfortunately they were moving around too much but we still had fun.

The Bounce house was a favorite. I keep thinking I need to get a trampoline for them to burn off that extra energy!

The day ended with a 'bike' ride with Baba. Mama tried, but her belly kept throwing little bodies off her! At least Kent got a great work out!

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