Sunday, November 27, 2011

Impromptu Road Trip

We were all set up for a quiet Thanksgiving this year when I had the crazy idea of a last minute trip to Las Vegas to visit an old roommate of mine and her family. Besides, we've been dying to test out the van on an official road trip and enjoy the luxury it had to offer.

Travelling with a Civic always required strategic planning since space was always such a problem. This time I tossed out the lists, grabbed whatever caught my fancy and dumped it in the back of the van. This lack of planning did cause a few problems though, one of which we forgot the ever sacred "Pei-pei" for Keila. We were 40 minutes from home when it dawned on us so we drove 15 mins back to the nearest Walmart to buy another one. As fate would have it, they were all out of the pink ones. The next nearest Walmart was only 10 mins from our home ... yep you guess it, we just drove on back to our house, after all, no store bought Pei-pei would EVER compared with a loved, worn stinky one! So were we rather late in getting to our hotel. Thankfully we had the loan of a DVD player from a friend and the kids were angelic for the trip!

The next 3 days were spent in a haze of eating, and more eating (I am positive I have regained all weight lost in the first trimester!) playtime for the kiddos, game time for the adults, laughter and jokes for one and all.

I love the little converstions kids have as they play. Julia was telling Isaac she was the Mama, and he was the Daddy knight. As she drove Keila around Isaac was quick to yell, "Watch out!" and swipe away a deadly leaf if it dared to come close to them. So cute.

Karri and Brian Yang were the supreme hosts (could there be any more food?!!!) and their children, Sophia, Julia and Logan were the best playmates. Baby Damian was darling and a good reminder of what will be in store in just a few months. Thanks to the Yang family for all the fun!

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