Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who's the Real Teacher?

Lately I've been thinking alot about perspective, especially mine. It seems as if the times that motherhood is the easiest isn't when the kiddos are the best behaved (though it helps - ALOT!) or when Kent is around to help more, or when things aren't so busy. More than anything it seems to be the times when I'm able to keep other people's perspective in mind, specifically my children. When I think of them a little individuals trying their darnedest to do all the big wide world has to offer, I seem to have more patience and appreciation for their small acts of service. When I'm too absorbed with my own perspective, I tend to get selfish, or almost 'victimized' - you know the thought line, "After all I do! .... Can't you guys just try and help a little more?" I tend to do it alot and unfortunately no one is happy. So I've tried to remember this a little more when things seem to be rough. It's made a bit of a difference, if not for the children, then most certainly for me.

With so much going on this time of year it's hard to capture it all let alone find time to post pictures. The following are some random shots of the kids and all their goings-on.

Isaac is thrilled with the idea of the baby coming. He asks often to talk to baby and then proceeds to yell at my belly, 'Hey baby! What are you doing in there?!!" Keila mimics of course and soon there's a bit of a yelling match to see who baby will respond to. When this little person begins kicking and the kiddos will be able to see it, I'm sure it'll be a major pastime for us! In the meanwhile, Isaac often has Keila stuff his panda under her shirt claiming she's going to have a baby soon. Keila giggles in response and rubs her belly gently ... wonder where she got that from?! ;0)

One of our weekly playgroup dates at the park where we feed the ducks, fish and turtles. For whatever reason, Keila always eats the stale bread .... yuck! Isaac enjoys feeding them for a bit and then the poor birds find themselves running/flying for their lives the moment he switches into Dr Jekyll and chases them down. Such the boy!

We had a Thanksgiving Feast for the playgroup and afterwards the kiddos had fun with bubbles. I have no idea why the camera chose to focus on the bubbles in this shot, but it did and I thought it was rather cool.

Keila and her best fuzzy friend. They adore each other and it's a rare moment when I can capture it on camera since it's always when I'm cooking dinner. But this time I had just enough of a break and both parties stayed long enough for a shot. Whenever Isaac comes near, Sunshine is sure to take off.

My children have taught me to love more, smile and laugh more and understand myself more. Sometimes I think they're the real teacher here!

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