Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blessing Tree!

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that always gets shorted. It's caught between the hoopla of Halloween and Christmas and somehow we jump from candy overdose to 'I Want' season in a blink of an eye. I liked having it in Canada where it fell in early October and I had the chance to ponder on all my blessings before being whisked away into consumerism.

This year I vowed I'd do better and found an idea on a blog for a Thanksgiving Tree, or what Isaac has named as our Blessing Tree. It was so simple but the kids love it! Kent simply went out and cut some branches off of the trees in our wash. We arranged them in a vase with rocks and every evening we write on a piece of paper something we're grateful of for the day. It looked a little stark at first, but it's blossomed into something beautiful and is the centerpiece of our kitchen and living area. I've been amazed at how the simple task of writing one blessing from the day has made me realize how truly rich I am and I find myself wanting to list more things in gratitude for my Savior and the life He has given me. This will be a tradition that we will surely keep as the years go on.

Here is our little tree, just half way through the month. I think I need to get a Cricket so I can cut the paper into leaves, imagine how cute that would be!

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