Monday, November 14, 2011

It's a Hoe Down!

The ward/congregation that we attend has been having alot more activities this year. The Hoe Down was new to their usual repertoire and despite having pregnancy fatigue, headaches and the struggles that come wtih keeping kiddos up late, we decided to attend. Thank heavens, it was so much fun!

You'll notice that most of the pictures are of Keila, that's because Isaac spent the time chasing and wrestling with his peers. It was pointless to try to capture any of it since it would be a blur or a snapshot of a rather awkward pose with him shoving his hand in somebody face. Aside from the moments he stopped to drink some water and eat some dessert he was never still. He dropped like a stone once we got home.

Keila waving a ribbon enthusiastically while Ghost Riders in the Sky was performed.

Keila on the other hand was ALL about the dancing. Kent held her while we did the Virginia Reel as well as a few other line dances. The moments when its was just music, she was begging one of us to be her partner and to hold her hands while she spun us in circles or just wiggled her little toddler bottom. I was aching badly the next day but I'd do it all over again for our little dancing queen.

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