Saturday, November 5, 2011

Warm, Fuzzy and Furry!

We try and attend the state fair every year. For those of you who know me well enough, you'll know it's NOT the fried food (which grows in ghastly proportions every year! - who knew, fried butter is appealing! Eck!) Although I must admit those darn turkey legs do look good. Rather it's the rabbits. Yes, you heard me, I go to see the rabbits. Before Sunshine became a part of our fam, we looked into raising and breeding them, especially Netherland dwarfs but happily we just settled on a cutie mini mix and that's all we have. Kent swears he'll never get another pet (except maybe a fish - and children, they do count don't they?) but he softens up when he gets petting a one of those velvety mini Rexs. Keila LOVES it because she can surround herself with all the warm, fuzzy, furries possible and chatters away with them like their her peers. Isaac on the other hand tolerates animals, but we were surprised that this year brought him a few changes.

Once we got this fellow familiar with our scent, he was practically begging us to take him home. The moment we began walking away he'd scratch his cage frantically. When we put our fingers through the wires, he'd pop his head right under and sigh with practically audible relief as we 'hit' all the right spots.

The petting zoo area had ducks that Isaac was fascinated with. After following one about and tiring the poor thing out, it sat still in some water so Isaac could gently pet it's back. Next think I knew I watched it walk behind a protected area and lay this egg. If you look carefully, you can see it's still wet from having just come out.

Keila's first encounter with a Wallaby.

Love at first sight for Keila.

Isaac spent most of his time harassing the duck, but even he got into it and grabbed a brush and comb goats and lamas. It was strange to see since he's not usually so interested in animals, but I think he's getting a soft spot for them, he was even a little reluctant to leave.

Keila's fond farewell.

Afterwards we hit the Body Show, which features actual cadavers of humans. Isaac loves learning about the body and being the former Bio teacher, I wanted to encourage his wonder of God's creation. I did explain that these were once people that had passed on and he was mature enough to understand we view them with respect. He didn't display any fears or disturbed feelings. (which Kent was alittle afraid of) On the other hand, he asked countless questions peppered with comments of, "Heavenly Father made all this for us?" or "Wow, that's amazing, our bodies are amazing!" Poor Keila was bored stiff (pardon the pun) with the time we spent there, but it was all good in the end since we left early enough for us to eat a good Dim Sum meal and take afternoon naps. How I love having family outings with my cuties!

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