Monday, October 31, 2011

We Stick Together - Halloween 2011

Halloween is a great time of year when parents can remember what it's like to dress up and pretend just like a child. While Kent has never been too keen on it, he has done it the last few years to put a smile on his little one's faces. For the first time this year, he agreed to dress as a family in a theme, one thought of by Isaac no doubt and took all my brain cells to figure out how to make. Thus was born the Lego family! We stick together!

The process was pretty fun and turned out better than I thought it would. I use a cheap clothes hanger and shaped it to fit individually. A nearby discount fabric store had tons of felt in all sorts of colors, perfect for our needs. The rest of the costume was born from some Styrofoam cups, a permanent marker, scissors and glue gun - I love glue guns!

For those of you who are quick enough, there's a reason the costume I wear is with 2 colors. This will be 'baby's very first costume, even if it's in utero! Here's to crazy creativity and family fun!

We also went to another party the night before and Isaac and I made bat and ghost cookies with Nutter Butters and Oreos. They were not so hot the first time around, but we perfect them and made another batch for his classmates. I wish I'd gotten pictures of those ones instead.

I also aided in his class for his party and got to see everyone all dressed up. It's so cute some of the costumes you get and the kids were wonderfully behaved, despite all the excitement and even with Mrs Becky as a sub for Mrs. Berneburg.

As if the Trunk or Treat church party weren't enough, Kent and I decided to show the kids the way it was done in our day. You earned the candy a little more with a decent walk from house to house and I remember needing to sing a song or even guess a riddle a time or two. It's so different now, all Keila got out of it was that there were 'tricks' and they weren't nice. (laughing shrunken heads, skeletons popping up from the ground - door to door may have scarred her ...) Somehow the candy made it worth it.

I have to admit I was rather embarassed when Isaac would always stop to question what was given him. It comes of being candy deprived and everything looks so new and interesting. We've gathered enough this year that I'm sure he'll be much more knowledgeable about what is given - for better or for worse! ;0) Happy Halloween everyone!

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