Saturday, October 29, 2011

Growing Bigger - In So Many Ways

Deciding to have a third child was a big deal for Kent and I. It was the realization that diapers would be the norm for another 3 years to come, naps would run our schedules for another 5 years, our 1400 sq foot house would be a little too small in years to come, and finally, our little Honda Civic which has served us so well all these years would simply not do.

So after much debate, test driving and delay (until I was too annoyed with all the repairs on the Civic) we bit the bullet and went in today with the sole purpose of seriously looking to purchase. Of course we prayed for a good deal (when it comes to spending large chunks of money for a necessity, prayers tend to be rather fervent!) and were seriously blessed with this:

It had JUST come it, a 2010 own for a year and 5 months, with only 12000 miles. Someone was stalking us as we looked at it - clearly on high demand. It's an Honda Odyssey EX, exactly what we wanted (don't need frills, this thing is pure luxury compared to a 99 Civic) and in excellent condition. Kent and I joked that we need to go on a road trip now to break her in!


  1. It's gorgeous. For a minivan. ;) I confessed to Wonderman the other day that I thought a minivan would be best, should we have more than two. Sigh.

  2. so glad you did it!! lets be honest the civic had done its duty!! so glad baby 3 is coming!!