Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mama is a Stick in the Mud

I'm a bit of a stick in the mud. I was brought up prim and proper and like things fairly neat and tidy. You can imagine my surprise when I had a child! Boy was life a different ballgame then! The mere thought of letting my 7 month old child feed himself baby food was like asking me to cut a limb. The blessing of a second child is that you begin to learn to let go. So this stick in the mud is posting this as proof that I'm still a stick in the mud, but I do know when to let go! If my kids ever say I NEVER let them have fun, I'll throw this back at them. ;0)

All it was was 10 minutes of inattention (busy cooking dinner), while they played outside after the rain. When I heard Isaac singing, "Muddy, muddy, muddy!" I had to go check on them. One very sharp intake of breath followed by a deep long moment of silence, all I could say was, "Don't you guys DARE to come in right now!" and I went and grabbed the camera. They had me grinning too in just a few minutes. Later I video them playing, by then it had progressed to mud slinging which had Keila in hysterics. Hosing off in the backyard was NOT fun and hopefully a small deterrent to the next dirty adventure.

This is Isaac building fort around Keila while she was busy giving Sunshine 'loves'. She thought it was pretty funny too.

Here they are having some cleaner fun from the weekend at a Fall Harvest Sidewalk sale. We had free hot dogs, painted pumpkins and made crafts, as well as a hayride and a visit with the Scottsdale Fireman and their truck and the Tempe police with one of their horses.

Ever since our trip to Utah, Keila's been begging us for a horse. Thankfully it's an easy one to have an excuse for. (Sorry honey, there's no room!) May she never grow this sort of attachment to cats or dogs, otherwise we'll NEVER hear the end of it.

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  1. This was the cutest post ever! I love your response to Keila when she asks for a horse... sorry no room. Classic! Love ya.