Saturday, October 22, 2011

Zion's Park and Utah Trip

Kent and I figured we need to get another family trip in otherwise we wouldn't have one for another year with the #3 coming. With all the trouble down in Mexico, we opted out of our timeshare there in Rocky Point and went for a road trip up to see old friends in Utah and stopped through Zion's park along the way. Between my trip to San Diego and this one, I was left with only 4 days to get ready. To complicate it, it had snowed up there in Utah just 2 days before we were to headed up, so out came all the winter clothing. It was a good thing too, Zion's at night was REALLY chilly!

Long pants out already in Kanab, Keila kept saying,"Told! Told!" I'll be a little sad when she moves out of the toddler speech phase.

Our first hike! Isaac was determined to be a trooper - a 'Scout Trooper'! With Baba being a scoutmaster, he wanted to make him proud and not whine about the hikes. He did awesome and never failed to find a hiking stick.

Keila, on the other hand, had no shame in whining, "Hold me, hold me .... Mama, PLEASE!!!" I got my workout, that's for sure!

Beautiful scenery!

What did I tell you! A walking stick! I used the excuse that we were in a national park and therefore could not take anything from it ... otherwise we'd have ended up with a milllion sticks and rocks in our car!

This one is of us hiking to Emerald Springs. The kids had more fun climbing the rocks and sliding down them than anything else.

We paid for a night at the Zion's Lodge which turned out to be pretty nice for us. The room was cozy and the kids enjoyed the snuggling up to watch a princess movie and read some books.

Keila fell in love with the horses! She could not get enough of them and when she's much older, I'm tempted to pay for that 3 hour ride up into the canyon.

This was our hike up to Weeping Rock, which isn't even a full mile. Keila will walk around our neighborhood, half running for a mile, but not when there's an incline apparently. This was our last one so Mama wouldn't give in and hold her. Can you see her dragging her chubby feet up the hill?! The little stinker had plenty of energy to run around afterwards, so don't feel too sorry! ;0)

Yet another stick!

At the top of Weeping Rock, beautiful stuff!

While in Utah we made a point of visiting family, but forgot pictures with Stephanie and kids. Incidentally, she's a month ahead of me in pregnancy. We also took time to go to temple square. Since the weekend before was Conference, Isaac was thrilled to be in the place where the prophet and apostles had spoken just a few days before. They have a new display in the visitor's center which is a cut out of the temple, displaying rooms that I've never been in. It was fascinating for all of us. Best of all was the feeling there, just one of peace. How grateful I am for the gospel of Christ in our lives!

Lunch at the Blue Lemon across the street from Temple Square.

Anything Isaac does, Keila has to do too!

Isaac in his very serious karate pose!

Heading up to the Christus.

At the temple doors.

Keila and Isaac's first encounter with a leaf bug. They were facinated!

Hanging out in Grandpa's patio and enjoying what I call a fairytale garden!

For those who know my 'American Family' from the far side is Uncle Louis, Aunt Liz, Aunt Margaret (Keila was SO attached to her) and myself and Keila.

Clean up post our traditional chinese meal that i always make at Grandpas when I visit.

The following pictures are the reason why I call my Grandfather's backyard a fairytale garden. He has a gazebo, loveseat swing, roses, raspberry and blackberry bushes, peaches, hazelnut trees. He had a cherry years ago along with apricot trees. We can't even get started on the garden that fed me and my roommates through college. Despite his ageing years, he manages something on a smaller scale, but it still holds the enchanted of my younger years. We had fun exploring all it had to offer and enjoying the many fruits it still provides.

We brought back a crazy load of these hazelnuts. Isaac was thrilled with the stash!

We missed out on the box of peaches from Utah, but got there in time to have some ripe off Grandpa's tree! Heaven!

I visited with my old friend Satomi. Her son and daughter are the same ages as my kids and she is also a month and half ahead of me in pregnancy. Got a picture of the kids watching Tangled together.

Our final day was a morning spent at Thanksgiving point playing at the farm. Keila loved feeding the animals and kept yelling and giggling with delight as they tickled her hand with their tongues. Isaac was less interested in the animals, but did manage to run himself down a little with an obstacle course. The huge highlight was the pony ride. Even Isaac did it and Keila screamed in protest when it stopped.

A visit with Grandpa wouldn't be complete without pictues with him. Here's the master gardener himself! We love you Grandpa, thanks for all the fun!

On the way back we stopped at a U-pick orchard for some crisp Fuji apples!

They had gelato there too and I couldn't resist the mango one!

We drove back through Zion's park to catch the sights we missed on the way in. While they weren't actual hikes, the forays were nice and with the cold weather, the leaves were just starting to turn the brilliant colors of yellow and red against the rust iron of the rocks made for unbelieveable beauty.

How we wished we had more time to see more friends and enjoy thier company. All in all, it was a wonderful trip, memorable and one we hope to repeat again soon!

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  1. This looks like such a great trip. It definitely makes me sad to realize that I think we were in UT at the same time. I would love to see you again. Someday.