Thursday, April 5, 2012

Elias Tien Yeuk Montierth

Sunday morning of the 25 of March I began having contractions in 10 min intervals. I really didn't pay much attention to it, after all, I'd been having them all week long. I'd love to say that I was still as positive as before, but I was rather worn from the pain and found myself often near to tears in that 36th week worried about how much of me (mentally and emotionally) would be left when the time came for this little one to come. The Lord knows me well and within minutes I felt a little gush - my water had broke. Apparently you're suppose to go to the hospital immediately when this happens, but perhaps due to it being a new experience for me and also a little pride, I was afraid to rush in only to be told I had peed on myself. ;0) So I dilly dallied about, waking up Kent and the kids until I could be certain it wasn't an overactive bladder!

I called a friend who came over got the kids dressed and ready for church. It was nice knowing that it would be a 'normal' day for them. (Can you tell I have control issues?!) We got to the hospital around 10 (3 hrs after my water broke) but my body was being contrary and contractions had slowed down. The doctor on call gave me the option of waiting to see if my body would go of it's own accord or inducing. I hadn't had much in the way of sleep so we opted to wait for and hour or two and I dozed quietly on the bed. At 12:30pm we got the 'party started' with an epidural and pitocin. Interestingly enough, our nurse and anesthesiologist were the same ones we had with Keila. Unfortunately something funky happened this time and my entire right leg was so numb you could have stuck a knife in it while my left side had me crying in pain. The monitors were off somehow and not registering anything so Kent was rather puzzled by my gasps of pain but when the tears started rolling he was pretty testy with the lack of response from the nurse's station to his call. I was checked and fully dilated. I was given the option of a higher dose on the epidural or trying to push though I hadn't felt that sensation yet. I was so ready, get this baby outta me! so one test push moved kiddo #3 down and our nurse was calling the doctor to get ready to catch!

At exactly 2:45pm he was born. It was love at first cry! He was small compared to my other ones, only 6 lbs 5 ounces and he was beautiful. Such long piano fingers and a tiny sharp chin, Elias Tien Yeuk Montierth was here.

Face to face at last! Who could not love such a precious bundle from heaven!

I like to call this his tryout for a part in a Dr. Seuss movie!

Isaac and Keila adored him the moment they met him. Keila has never been one for dolls, let alone being gentle with other babies, but she and Isaac were so tender and loving, it made me gush with warmth inside.

Welcome to our beautiful family and our crazy little world Elias. We love you!

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