Friday, March 16, 2012

My Girl!

Not so long ago this was my baby girl, now she scribbles with an intensity and focus that surprises me. She says she's doing homework which makes me smile since it means she's all so grown up. Before she really does grow up completely here's a few things I want to remember of my baby girl.

She loves asking for kisses and is very particular that it's done evenly (one cheek and then the other) Just before going to sleep she'll always ask for one on her "'wips'and nose". Then she needs and Ek-a-mo (Eskimo kiss which consists of rubbing noses) and "Butterfly (eyelashes tickle) this one and then that one" as she pokes out each eye in succession.

Singing is so natural for her. At bedtime her current favorite is 'Child of God' and she will often sing along. In the van I've caught her singing songs I rarely sing, such as Itsy Bitsy Spider, or Old MacDonald. The ones that make me smile are the 'princess'ones. On an off she'll tilt her head and start singing, "I'm wishing .. I'm hoping for the one I love" (from Snow White) It's a little frightening how much she resembles that fair maiden at those moments.

She's a rather tidy child and makes a fuss if she's 'ticky' when eating dinner. This pays off though when it comes to her room. She's quick to clean up and sing the clean up song while she's at it and when it's all done says, "Better, clean is nicer!"

If any of my children have my taste for Asian food, it's this little girl. She loves sashimi, especially salmon and will stuff her face with sushi like there's no tomorrow. The other night we went out for some sushi and she wanted to try the soy sauce with wasabi. She has more tolerance for spice so we dabbed a chopstick in it and put some on her tongue. Within seconds she was grabbing her mouth and yelling, "Pi-see". A gulp of water later she was asking, "More saki?" We laughed and said she'd better not be asking for saki, rather wa-sabi! "Okay, more sabi!" and repeat the whole show. That's how I know she's my girl!

Here she is with her fish lips! So cute!

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