Wednesday, March 14, 2012

35 Weeks

Please bear in mind the following as I relate my appointment results from today. My doctor is a very professional man who's been practicing for over 17 years. We've known him for years, he knows Kent, asks about him, knows of our religious beliefs and family situation. He's been there for all of my miscarriages and pregnancies and I could not want for a more patient, helpful obgyn. So I must say I was rather startled today when he swore out loud upon finding kiddo #3 hang so low. Clearly this was the explanation for how displaced my bones are and the obvious pain that goes with it. I've begun having muscle spasms more frequently as well as swelling increases since nothing is where it ought to be. As of this Friday, I will be officially 36 weeks and he gave me full permission to stop all medication and let the baby come. He wished for my sake that he could induce me, but due to Medicated and Medicare cuts the hospitals are on shoestring staff and nothing is allowable until after 40 weeks. He did offered a number of suggestions as to how to get the ball naturally rolling so he isn't worried in the least. So here is my list of things I'm grateful for for this week:

1. I have an end visibly in sight. While there's not an exact day, with things so in position to go, Kent and I can plan to some degree.

2. Next week is Spring Break for Isaac. There will be no worries about schedules or activities beyond the ones we elect for and that is one less thing to think about.

3. Kent has already enough time off and has even received permission for FMLA is needed. With so many people out of town and no family nearby this truly makes difference, especially since all of our babies were hospitalized a few days after again due to jaundice issues.

4. The kids continue to find ways to entertain themselves. Kent caught this picture of Isaac with a self made kite running his tail off in the backyard to get it to fly. I have such good kids!

If I can have it my way, the next few posts will be all about our newest addition!

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  1. GOSH do I feel your Pain, I am SOO ready to have this little one, I have had a rough pregnancy too and as much as I want this baby to come sooner, I do not know if I will be as lucky as you to get my body back...I am 36 weeks and miserable, between the back spasms that are an all day affair, and siadic numbness, feeling like I have ridden a horse from the inner and outer thighs, the mood swings and hormone crazies, the swelling and well just being mom, I have had to pick and chose and remind myself I just can't with some things...I hope for your sack this little one makes a grand entrance soon...Good luck with everything, and hang in there! I will hopefully get induced April 12th, but not soon enough...I am soo ready to have my body back and to live with out pain again...awe the "joys" of pregnancy...