Sunday, March 11, 2012

Give Me Sanity ... or Give Me Death!!

The last 5 weeks have been rough for me more emotionally than anything else. I'm one who structures the day with getting out at least once, having chores to do, food to cook and playtime with the kids. That was all thrown out the window when Montierth #3 dropped too early and ever since my sanity was put on the line. Just before this weekend I had a few teary blue fits and so we threw caution to the wind and took a chance to get out for the Aloha Festival in Tempe.

Typically I love finding all sorts of festivals on the weekends to spend time together as a family. We work hard to get our chores done before the day and I cook and pack up a nice lunch and we head out. This time we simplified and spent a little more money than we like, but it was SO worth it. A sane Mama does wonders for the whole family.

The kids got a 50 mins ride on the lightrail to Tempe to save us the stress of parking and massive walking. It was crowded and movement was slower than a turtle, but it was perfect for me. The kids played at the park, made crafts, we ate great food, watched some dancing and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.

Isaac was being a ham for the camera that day.

The lei that they made at the festival. The tables were crowded with children so I had to chuckle when Isaac crawled under them and used whatever had been dropped to the floor. Not only did he have the no competition, he was totally out of the sun. He manage it all by himself and was rather proud of himself.

The kids were so content on the train back with sucking their ring pops and gazing at all sort of interesting people and they happily played with each other the remainder of the day. Aside from an extra dose of Niphedipine, nothing could have been more perfect. How grateful I am that we were able to have some prized 'ohana' time together.

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