Friday, March 16, 2012

Isaac Says the Darndest Things!

Sometimes our kids can be so grown up. In the picture above, Isaac realized Keila was a little scared and was helping her climb up with encouraging words as well as helping her reach for the next rung and occasionally giving her rump a push upward. He has a way of expressing himself with all due seriousness from a 4 year old that I wish I could record him, tones, expressions and all every time. Here are the few that have come in just the last few days.

While on a drive back from preschool:
Me: So how was school?
Isaac: Good, I want to marry Tori.
Me: Why is that?
Isaac: Because her is not bossy, but Owen wants to marry her too.
Me: (chuckling at the not bossy part) Well did anyone ask Tori what she wanted?
Isaac: (in total seriousness) Her's not ready to decided yet, so Owen and me will work it out.
Apparently my son is a man who knows what he wants and is willing to take charge for it!

This one was related to me by my neighbor who just adores Isaac. Apparently he makes her laugh all the time and thus has become her favorite kid in the cul-de-sac. With conversations like these, I'm not surprised.
Isaac: Hey, Kara, did you know you have to wear green on Saint Panties day or you'll get pinched!
Kara: Saint Panties Day, huh.
Isaac: Yeah, it's an important day, especially to Leprechans!
I'm not going anywhere near the whole Leprechans and panties thing!

This one was related to me by a friend when he was over playing with her daughter.
Taylor: I want to wear a princess dress!
Isaac: You don't need one, you're already a princess without the dress!
Charmer isn't he? If he keeps this up he'll have mothers and daughters eating out of his hand! During this same playdate he also had this conversation:
Isaac: Taylor, you're my best friend!
Taylor: You're mine too!
Isaac: Mama say we should marry our best friend, so we should marry each other, okay?
Taylor: Okay!
I'm pretty sure this stems from having watched 'Up' recently and his current obsession of finding the one he's going to marry. It seems to be a daily concern with him. I keep telling him he has plenty of time to worry about it later, much later! (like after a mission later!!!)

This last one was said after a swim lesson, it was really disturbing at first until I figured out what he really meant.
Isaac: Swimming is fun, I love being a cannibal!
Me: You love being a what?!!! A cannibal?
Isaac: Yeah, a cannibal, you know, when Miss Tori picks me up and I hold my knees and she throws me in the water.
Me: Oh, you mean Cannon Ball! Good heavens son, a cannibal is totally different thing!
Isaac: Cannibal ... Cannon ball, it's all fun! Mama, what is a cannibal?
Me: (sigh) Don't ask ...
Isaac: Too many questions Mama?

So proud of this little man. He's growing up before my eyes!

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