Monday, March 12, 2012

Swimming Safety

I love Aqua Tots and how they've taught my children how to swim. The other day they were required to come with clothes and shoes on because they want the children to learn not to panic should they ever fall into the pool with clothes on. Half the time they were fully clothes, and the other half they were just in their swimsuit. Isaac described it as being 'thick and heavy' but he knew just what to do.

Keila is still not fond of it, but she's getting there. I love how in everything she does, she stops to wave at Kent or I to make sure we're watching her.

He's at a point where he can swim on his back and crawl out on his own. The media was there to take some pictures and Isaac loved being the hamming it up for them.

Teacher Toni has been great for them. They love it when she tosses them into the air to land with a 'giant splash'!

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