Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baba Time and Wrestling Camp

Our neighbor's sons are into wrestling and told us of a 3 month long camp held at the high school 2 nights a week. Surprisingly it included a class for those 3-5 years of age. With a high energy boy and no outlets in the evening, it was a perfect fit for us.

I guess they warm up with the older boys as mentors, everything from laps, to doing wheelbarrows or army crawls.

Notice the 'caution' tape on Isaac's shoes? Apparently they play a game where they try and steal the other person's tape to win.

A friendly handshake before competition begins

Tug of war 4 ways.

Kent was never extremely familiar with the sport and enjoys learning more about it. Isaac loves the fact that for 2 nights a week he has special time with Baba. I love it because Isaac comes home exhausted and because he is learning some life lessons I cannot teach him alone, such as how to learn to lose gracefully as well as have fun while competing. Keila, unfortunately is rather unhappy about it. Somehow we'll need to work on a way to have more Baba Daughter date nights. While we get in some really good snuggle time, Mama is not a replacement for Baba. In this household there is no doubt as to the value of a good father figure at home. Thanks Kent for all you do!

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