Wednesday, February 29, 2012

33 Weeks

In keeping with my goal of maintain a positive outlook on our situation, here is my list of blessings for Week 33 of the pregnancy

1. I always forget how low a baby can drop until I feel aches and bruises in areas I never knew existed. The latest report from is that Kiddo #3 has dropped lower and it's a wonder (and a miracle)to the doctor that I'm not dilating further. The baby is doing just fine and so 'snug' in his place that we need not worry about him being breach. Kent teases me and says this may be the shortest birth of the 3 since all I need do is dilate completely and the kid will just drop out!

2. Isaac and Keila are awesome at clean up time! Forts are made daily in our home and no room or movable furniture is safe with the exception of the hallway and my bedroom. With it comes blankets and boxes, bedsheets and pillows strewed over every conceivable thing and I cannot begin to number the styles of 'homes' that have been created. It fills their time well and they really understand now that whatever they create, they have to put away. They've also learned to clean up right the first time and to do so cooperatively. Isaac directs Keila with hauling the boxes back to their rightful places while he folds blankets and lifts the heavier items. They're quite the team and I'm proud of them.

I didn't have the heart to have him take it apart so we'd have chairs at the table to eat so here they are enjoying lunch in their own home.

3. So grateful for the homemade meals that fill my freezer and my body and soul. I've tucked away a few recipes now that I can't wait to make myself once things are back to normal.

4. The presence of pain has a way of making you grateful for when it's not there. So I'm expressing gratitude that much of my pregnancy has been painless and I cannot wait till after this little one is born. Yes, I know I will be sleep deprived, but it will only be fatigue unaccompanied by constant pain. Perhaps that's the little ticket that will make the adjustment to 3 children seem much easier. Oh, and don't forget that I'll be thrilled to be able to take Motrin once again!

If I can hold out, just 3 more weeks, then we'll know things are safe for this little one.

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  1. Flo,

    I am not much of a frequent commenter on anyone's blogs these days. Google reader has made me VERY lazy... but I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and a healthy, full term delivery. It is an odd/difficult combination to want the baby to be out and in at the same time, I'm sure.

    I am about 30 weeks now I think. So far so good, but there is so much pressure; I know it's not true for me, but I felt like I "dropped" as soon as I got to the second trimester. I can't imagine how dropping will actually feel. I am mildly active because I walk Elias to school every day, but it totally drains me. I really can't imagine how people have 6+ children. How do they stand the discomfort??