Tuesday, February 28, 2012

'Big Girl' Choices

With all that's been going on I have yet to really attempt potty training Keila. We tried it for a few days months ago but she was so anxious and held it in so that I was afraid she'd be in danger of a UTI. I backed off and we've haven't discussed it since. The funny thing is that lately she and Isaac have had to become more independent since I am unable to do many of the things I usually do. This has been a blessing in its own way as I've watched them grow and have a genuine sense of pride it what they can accomplish. Perhaps that's been what has spurred Keila on, but hte other day, she announced she wanted to use the potty. I took off her diaper and she toddled off to sit down. With Isaac, I always sat nearby to read a book or keep him entertained, but she loudly said, "Go away Mama, need pie-vacy" The next thing you know, i hear her yelling, "I pooped, I pooped. Ewwww ... I pooped!" I proudly wiped off her bottom and there were many declarations of yucky, bye-bye poo-poo and we sent it on it's way. She's repeat this a number of times now pleased that she's not so 'stinky' or 'messy'.

Just the other day we went to Costco where she saw the much coveted Pin-cess underwear. We bought a package (of course) and told her when she could put pee-pee and poo-poo in the potty she'd be able to wear them. It seems it's all the incentive she really needs and has since done the job nicely. There are days were she doesn't care too and I don't push it. She's terribly willful for one so young, but when she has a desire, you better bet nothing is going to get in her way. I have a feeling she'll get there on her own. I think she's trying to teach me a lesson in respecting her agency to choose.

Here she is enjoying her 'treat' for a job well done! That's my big girl!

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