Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Loving Lawyer in the Making

I'm amazed at how well our children know us at times and say just what we want to hear. Just the other day Isaac was out playing with a neighbor and ran up to his mom and I to ask for a bucket.

Me: "What do you want a bucket for bud?"
Isaac: "For rocks."
Me: "Well what are you collecting rocks for?"
Isaac: "Not for throwing, that's for sure!"

My friend laughed so hard and said Isaac was a lawyer in the making. When pressed a little further he would not give a direct response, perhaps he was afraid it would indict him later! Such a cutie ... I'll have to watch out when he gets older!

Here's him with his Valentine gift for us, it's a garland that says I Love You, all written by himself.

I'm reminded by how much this boy wears his heart on his sleeve. The other night we finished watching Tarzan for the first time. He sobbed into Kent's sleeve as he watched Kerchuk express approval and love for Tarzan before bidding him to care for the family after his death. His little shoulders shook and shook as he tried to suppress his tears gasping in between how sad it all was. As rambunctious, rough and tumble as he is, his heart is a big and soft as can be, solid as gold. How I love this little boy!

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