Thursday, February 9, 2012

Taking it Easy at 30 Weeks

My appointment yesterday with my doctor has revealed that Baby Boy #3 has dropped and is already putting pressure on the cervix. I did this with my pregnancy with Keila as well though not quite as early. (This is my perfect excuse for my laziness since I've been about 4 weeks along) According to Dr DeSalvo, it's more a function of age. There it is, confirmation from an outside source - I'm old! ;0) He jokingly told me that my 'condition was once known as elderly gravida (gravida meaning pregnant). To be more politically correct, it was changed to 'advanced' (to take away the image of a silver-haired dentures woman)but whatever the wording, I'm told to take it easy.

"Take it easy" is such a vague term for me. I've never been one to be still very long. Even when we had a working TV, my hands were cross-stitching or folding laundry during a show. I take a lot of pleasure in seeing things done whether it's in housework, cooking or with my children. Perhaps that's why we always take so many pictures, maybe it's my way of documenting how time was spent. I tried to take a positive spin on the situation - after all, no chores, no cooking - but just sitting or laying down is much harder than I thought. I've decided to term this short period as my time to learn the art of delegation and working on my control issues! ;0) We'll call it forced therapy!

I must say how pleased I am at my little family and how much they help out. Prior to this, Keila has been rather clingy and begging to be held at every turn. She seems to understand and has settled into climbing in and snuggling in my lap. Isaac is a angel, always willing to fetch things for me and help out extra with Keila. Between Kent's job (which has him on average 10hr/day) and scouting, he's dredged up the extra energy to do the daily cooking and weekly cleaning. So all in all our household looks like we'll hold up okay. I'm also grateful for dear friends and neighbors who act on inspiration and drop off a meal or offer to take my children when they're desperate for more than a sedentary mother can offer. I must say I'm grateful for my many, many blessings!

Enjoying tea time with my Snow White.

The little man hard at work providing that tea time for his sister.


My little angels at their pretend BBQ in the park. Can't ask for much more!

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