Monday, February 13, 2012

A New Found Love?

I've never been one to feel very artistic. Give me a piano and some music, that's different, but have me arrange a visual of some sort and I"m sure to break out in a sweat. From prior posts you'll know I put off the decorating around the house until something happens to push me into it. (like replacing carpet suddenly called for painting walls before the deed was done!) This time it was the prospect of a third child. Forget the 'having the nursery decorated' business before a little one arrives. I'm typically much to busy cleaning and stocking up food for the sleepless days ahead to think much about beautifying. So my children have never had a bedroom of their own until the other one came along. I must say that the idea of a girl's room is much more appealing and was much easier to do than for Isaac.

I wanted something that Keila wouldn't outgrow in just a few years, but still have a dreamy childlike feel. Of course we painted pink ....

Can't believe how ugly the color was before! Eck!

I initially had an elaborate idea of a garden scene complete with actual picket fenced walls and individually painted plants, animals, etc. Yeah ... just a little too much for me. I know my limitations and the guilt it would induce when I never got around to it all. So instead we opted for a tree.

I wanted a tree that wouldn't look too uniform but I was afraid to draw on the wall and be left with marks that I'd have to paint over. My friend recommended masking it out with tape, the perfect solution!

I painted some spring leaves and for the final touch glued some silk flowers.

To ensure the room would hold it's appeal for all kiddos, the final instalment will be the 'princess' tent, housing all animal great and small (please may we reclaim Keila's bed!) and offering a cosy alternate when Mama is far to tired of the couch cushions becoming the latest fort. May this be the source of much entertainment in the long sleepless days ahead! Given all the many happens lately, it may be a while before it's up unfortunately.

I must admit, I was rather daunted with the idea of painting a tree and all, but it turned out to be a lot of fun for me. There's something therapeutic about something slowly taking form by hand for all to see.


  1. Wow I LOVE LOVE love it, seriously I have been wanting to do something similar to this in my daughters room, you might have just inspired me! Awesome job! Don't be too surprised if you see something similar like yours up in my little girls room! Way too cute!