Friday, June 29, 2012

The Best Toys ...

Summers in AZ are tough, especially when you can't go to the pool or waterpark. It's been a struggle to keep Isaac and Keila entertained while caring for Elias. The little guy is just too young to be out in that searing sun. We did buy an above ground pool, rather inexpensive and deep enough for the adults to sit in and cool off while it only comes to Keila's armpits. They especially enjoy playing in it with Kent.

That's helped a little bit, but during the hours when the sun is at it's worst we stay in. They had a few new toys, nice ones, but of course they were tired of them already. Boredom has a way of generating creativity. One day Isaac found this old industrial fan we inherited from Kent's parents years ago. It broke while it was on the highest setting making it terribly noisy and windy when plugged in. In our cheap student days, we keep the house at 81 degree during the day and ran the fan like crazy at night to draw the cool air through. It sat forgotten in a closet till Isaac dug in out. He screamed with delight when he plugged it in and the next thing I knew, he and Keila were placing different item on it laughing as it flew off.

Isaac experiment with all sort of object to see how they would fly.

Keila's favorite was having her hair fly in all sorts of directions.

So, the lessons learned, price tags don't reflect how much a toy is loved or played with. Secondly, if you want your children to be creative, let them learn to be bored!

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