Monday, July 2, 2012

Reece's Rainbow

Ever since Elias was born, I've done a lot of research on the web, looking for resources to help us understand Down Syndrome. It's been wonderful to connect with people who know first hand some of the challenges we'll be facing and especially to know of wonderful possibilities in these children. It was through one of these sites I came to know about Reece's Rainbow, a nonprofit organization that advocates and helps with grants to adopt children with DS and other special needs.

My heart ached as I saw pictures of children all around the world listed with their differing health issues, some clearly neglected and abandoned, others who would be moved to insitutions soon if not adopted. I felt a sense of hope as I read about families in the process of adopting and needed help with the funds to bring this about. Finally I cried with joy at a few of the stories of those who had found their 'forever family'.

Annually we try to do something to 'give back' all the blessings we so richly enjoy. We try to find something meaningful for our family and something personal. The more hands on the project, the more we hope it teaches our children to see gratitude in all they have and learn to care for others around them. Reading through the differing needs of adopting families on the website has made it rather personal and as young as our children are, I hope the lessons of love and sharing will come home to them.

The other day I had all three children crying,(although with the older two I swear it sounds more like 6 children screaming!) a rarity only in that Elias is usually fairly content laying down with some toys or in his bed. I feel bad that he is carted around for grocery shopping and the activities of his siblings and that I haven't all the time to really spend with him the way I would like. When he cries and cries hard, he truly needs me. So I gathered his little body into my arms and curled up on the couch. He has a way of melting into you and will puposely tilt his head to rest on my heart. Then he gazes with an intensity that envelops with his soul. It is during these times I realize that joy is found in moments, fleeting ones that are lost if I'm too 'busy' with life. I feel so grateful that I have him and so grateful that he has me. So much of life is about connecting, people needing people and love. I wish I could give it to every one of those children with special need listed on Reece's Rainbow Since I cannot, I'll give what I can give to them and then love with all my heart my 3 children I have here now, especially my angel heart, Elias.

I adore that little face of Elias peering over Kent's shoulder at the world.


  1. Beautiful thoughts! I want to know more about Reece's Rainbow. Also, just wanted to chime in about not having time for the youngest baby. I think every mom of more than one feels it. My mom said she felt terrible that her youngest (with six older siblings, including yours truly) spent his baby-hood in a car seat driving all his other siblings around. But I don't think it had any long-term negative effects on him, and the younger ones learn a lot from those older siblings too, which kind of makes up for not as much mommy one-on-one time.

  2. I used to look at that website and just bawl and bawl. I had to stay away from it for a time. Now I can compose myself. It's a neat program! Someday when we are "rich" doctors we are gonna donate like crazy!