Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Family Night at Stepping Stones

This time of year is just crazy with how quickly it goes. Family night at Stepping Stones was a blast! Isaac took us to his classroom first and his teacher Mrs Crabb was very proud of his work with writing and his attention to detail, colors and carefulness (especially with cutting out figurines of his family). He's really blossomed in the way of art and proudly shows off his work.

Fun art project for the kids that night

Isaac's self portrait. I had to chuckle at it a little, who'd ever seen an asian with an afro!

Keila also has her own class and loves her teacher Mrs Klunk. Obviously dress up is one of her favorite things along with her very own friend, Lexy. She loves all forms of art as well and we're so grateful to see she's found her own niche!
Her nickname is 'Bug', 'Bug-love', etc. I find it ironic she looking at a book about bugs.

Mrs. Klunk her new teacher that she adores!

Even Elias got in on the fun and chewed on every toy he got his hands on.

Hooray for a wonderful preschool and teachers who care!

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