Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Happenings

I think Halloween is so loved among children because for once everyone around them including adults allow the magic of dressing up to bring to reality their dreams - even if it is for one brief night. Mind you the candy is also a worthy incentive!

This year Isaac chose to be a ninja. He and his preschool friends play it everyday with such exuberance that there have been one too many accidents and Mrs Black has 'banned' it so to speak. Of course we all know they still play it but its brought the opposing sides together and now they sneak around the teachers confident in their invisible movements! Apparently there are different colored ninjas (I've been thoroughly educated by my son) and he elect to be his favorite color - green. Of course this entails a little work on my end. With everything I had going on, it was only the day of our trunk or treat that I managed to scrounge up a few hours to put this together. I spent $5 on a yard of fabric, used and old black shirt and some iron on stuff for applica and of all the things - an old changing pad. Three hours later and this was the final result:

It was rather stressful but I'm very grateful for the inspiration that made it possible, Isaac was thrilled with his costume and eager to show it off. That made me one happy Mama.

Keila initially wanted to be a black and pink kitty but changed her mind the few days before. Thankfully it was something we had in the dress up box. A flat iron, bobby pins and a ribbon finished the look. Bibbidi bobbidi boo!

Elias was our last pea in a pod. It kept him cozy while I handed out treats.
Can you just see his thoughts, "This is so not dignified!"

We had lots of fun together and the kids managed to get out the actual night of Halloween to restock a dwindling supply. While some places had rather frightening decor, my children would not be daunted in their quest! 'Tis the seasons for sweets! Happy Halloween!

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