Friday, February 15, 2013


So I'm sure you've noticed that our pictures haven't been so hot lately. Our DSL camera, better known as the second wife, was dropped and damaged. As much as I initially resented the thing always being in my face -literally and figuratively speaking- it grew on me and over time I would lug it with me everywhere to capture the moments of life that pass by so quickly with little ones. Thankfully we have our phones and iPad which are handier but don't compare on quality. Until we get the second wife fixed or replaced bare with us. These next few shots are of Elias enjoying a fellow nursery friend's birthday.

"Whoa, whats this pretty thing?"

"Feels funny, smells yummy..."

"Definately tastes yummy!"

"Gotta get me more..."

"man have they been holding out!"

"Yikes, Mama looks like she might be changing her mind about this.."

"Gotta get it now while I can."

"Carpe cupcake!"

"Just wish my mouth was bigger!"

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  1. That's awesome that he went for it with so much gusto! My kids apparently won't eat cupcakes. (I'm not complaining - it's pretty healthy of them to resist!) Alex wouldn't eat a birthday cupcake last week, and then just yesterday I tried to offer Vivi some of the cupcakes that daddy brought home, and she wouldn't even try one bite. Flinging frosting off a fork, though, she was all over that!