Sunday, March 10, 2013

Random Updates

We've made some recent changes to help our children becoem more independant. One of these changes has Isaac rather proud of himself. He is learning to 'cook'! By that we mean heating meals in the microwave, while it's not what you call gormet, it does help alot. He is proud to be able to present his own meals when called on.

Keila is a determined soul. Isaac was never one to bike much but Keila saw the neighbor girls at it and she persisted despite it being hard for her little legs. Interestingly enough, Isaac gained inspiration from her and before we knew it, he was begging to ride too. Here's hoping her persistant nature will pay off in the things that matter and we'll see her accomplish more and more each day.

It's official, Elias is out of his helmet and we are thrilled. This is one of the last shots we have of him in it. Unfortunately he can now rip the glasses off his face much easier and will growl at anyone who puts them back on. For some time we wavered between calling him 'the Doctor' or 'little professor'. We opted for the later. Fr anyone who's a fan of Doctor Who you will understand why - that much power is such a darling little being is frightening to say the least. Pure Cutonium!

We have the joy of living in a cul-de-sac and late in the afternoon the neighborhood kids come out to play. Isaac and Keila have been begging me to let them have a picnic dinner. One night Kent was to be kept late at work so I whipped up some grilled cheese sandwiches and apples and clementines completed the meal. They were thrilled! Here's a shot of the 'adopted' big brother and sisters that they always wanted!

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