Saturday, March 16, 2013

One Year for the Little Professor

Elias, my baby 'baby' will be baby no more all too soon. In just over a week he'll be a year old, how quickly time flies! It always amazes me when that rolls around for any of my children, but it's been particularly deceptive in Elias' case since he just delayed in development enough to still seem really young. It was just the other day when I glanced at him on his quilt playing that I suddenly realized he was half its length! Then there are other times, especially when he lays curled up in sleep in his bed this the looks so tiny, so young.

But in reality he is such an old soul particularly when he looks intensely at your face. We had a good example of this the other morning. While he may not be able to communicate verbally, but he definitely understands what's being said to him. Ever since I stopped pumping milk for him he's had one sinus infection after another after another. It drives me nuts since his passages are narrower and it makes everything harder for him. Any parent knows that when you go after a kid with a bulb syringe you'll have screaming and crying, after all, who wants snot sucked out of their nose?! While struggling one morning with Elias, I finally sat him up, explained what in was doing and why and asked that he be a helper. I've looked at me with his old eyes, gave a deep sigh and didn't struggle one bit! No head turning, rubbing of nose, no crying or even growling. He even smiled and clapped his hands when I pulled a good amount out! It made me laugh. It's been that way ever since.

There have been other times where he's amazed me with his empathy and compassion. We were on the floor in my bedroom playing one day when Keila ran in crying about something. She was laying on the floor while he sat next to her telling me of all the injustices she suffered at the hand of her older brother that day. He had stopped playing with his toy and watched her carefully and at the end of her narrative leaned over and planted one of his famous open mouth kisses on her cheek and patted her hair. It cheered her like nothing else could.

Developmentally, he sits like a champ with and has great posture. He can stay on his knees for almost a minute but lacks the core strength to begin crawling. It's been really helpful to have other children around who are crawling and gives him the incentive to work at it, otherwise he yelps for help. What his Cuteness wants he often gets! He loves food and has astounded the speech therapist with the quantity he consumes despite having no teeth whatsoever. I love t hear him babble "mama and baba" and he is quite the chatter bug when his siblings aren't around to compete with. We're not sure, but he seems to be able to sign "more" by almost clapping his hands. This happens a lot around food! (SO my child!). He gives the best hugs by relaxing totally into your shoulder and 'rubbing' your back and loves to give is open mouth kisses and will suck on our chin or cheek when given the chance. (Hickies from my bubbie!).

We're delighted with him and all he brings to our family. I can't imagine my life without him, or even without the Down Syndrome. It's not as if the DS defines him or IS him, but that our experiences around it has brought us together. The kids help with his physical therapy, we all cheer when he accomplishes something, we all work together to get things done since I'm busy with so many other things ... It's hard to put it into words, but I'm grateful to have him in our life this year and for all the years to come, just the way he is!


  1. Thanks for sharing Flo. I help I can meet him in person one day. happy birthday to the little man. Thanks for sharing your life journey with us. I miss you. enjoy life and pray that I can meet your beautiful family one day.


  2. Happy birthday baby! He is sooooo adorable. I can't believe that a year has already gone by. He is such a precious child and you are a great Mommy.