Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fun with Joe and Becky!

The kids LOVE Aunt Becky and Uncle Joe!!!! I can't say this enough, in fact when anything comes up that remotely reminds Isaac of them he always groans out, "How I WISH they lived so much closer!" Well they do now, they have officially moved from Conneticut to Arlington TX and on their way up to pick up stuff from Becky's family, they stopped by for a brief visit.

Becky is expecting a little girl in early June, so we were sure to load them up with anything we no longer needed. Given the up coming expansion of family they feel they will be driving much more to visit her mom in NV so the hope is they will pop by often. Otherwise we did little things, like played games, went to the library, rode bikes and chatted. We did a small celebration of Aunt Becky's birthday with a pasta dinner.

A little reading with Becky and 'the Professor'!

We're grateful they make such an effort to see us regularly. Here's to family and the best Uncle Joe and Aunt Becky anyone could have!

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