Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Birthday my Littlest Man

I can't believe it's been a year since this little man came into our lives. At very rare moments I remember the Down syndrome, such as when a clerk at the grocery store remarks that he is small for his age and asks if he was premature. It took me a second to register why she'd even ask me such a question!

While yes, life is different that it was before but so is it with every new child. It's just most families take their children to soccer game and cheer them on, while we work with PT and cheer him on in his crawling skills. It's not really that different. We're blessed that he is so healthy and strong and profoundly grateful for his presence in our lives.

He loves laundry baskets! Tell me what child doesn't!

Unfortunately we were on vacation on his actual birth day so we waited to celebrate it at home with friends and neighbors.

A shot birthday morning!

Using chocolate I melted and wrote "Happy B-day Elias sweetie pie!" Thus the blueberry and cherry pie topped cupcakes. Being left with way too many other colors I attempted some chocolate cream and lemon meringue pies as well. Not bad for an impromptu celebration!

"Too many people Baba! You are not seriously setting me down to sit with them, are you?!!!"

"Don't spit on my cupcake you hear!"

The little man does not like crowds let alone an audience. He couldn't seem to enjoy his cupcake so we had private cupcake session the following day.

"At long last, peace and quiet to savor this sweet thing!"

Ahhhh, the carnage!

"Is that it?!"

When he smiles his eyes turn into beautiful half moons that sparkle with delight. Nothing captives him like people, new faces and smiles. I love the way he holds my face in his two pudgy hands to gaze with due seriousness into my soul. And in the next moment he squeals with laughter as he begins to pat my cheeks vigorously! Sometimes he stops to plant his wide open mouth on my cheek or chin and will suck for a turn - a Bubby hickie is what I call it!

He loves to play with hair! Any chance he gets he will lift and tug at Keila and in her good nature she lets him only yelping at a particularly painful one. He has come away with a fist full at times! With Isaac, if he sits next to me in church, Elias will lean from my shoulder and rub the spikes just loving the texture.

I LOVE his pouty face! He is simply the best at it and nothing tugs at your heart quite as strong as when he gets all watery eyed and sticks out his sharp little chin in with his pouty lips!

He is loving and very sensitive and oh so stubborn. He hates his glasses and in a split second, if there is nothing to occupy his hands he will rip them off his face. We place it back on right away and he'll growl his displeasure or plead with watery eyes but doesn't throw a tantrum. If a tantrum is to be had it is usually due to extreme fatigue or over stimulus. Most of the time a snuggle, some good hugs and kisses can smooth over his difficulties.

I relish the joy we will experience as he grows and develops. He has already taught us so much of what really matters. Happy birthday my dear son!

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