Monday, April 15, 2013

Perfect Moments

You know those perfect moments, the ones where troubles melt away and everyone is totally present and you feel more alive in that instant than you did all day? Those are the times I pray I have a good camera on me, that the lighting is just perfect and somehow it's all frozen into a snap shot that says it all. We had one of those moments and wouldn't you believe it, I just happened to run in last minute to grab the 'second wife'. This is what we have frozen in time.

This all took place at an annual ward BBQ in the afterglow of sunset. We'd all been fed well and the older two happily played with friends while Kent and I had the chance to chat a little with friends. Refreshed, we got back together for some last minute fun before heading home.

Initially Elias was in the sling but he giggled so much each time he watched Keila swing close to us. I put our Bubby in the neighboring swing and Kent and Isaac just happened along when all the laughter started.

Isaac trying to catch Keila's toes! I warned him he might get kicked in the head if he didn't watch out. He did but for whatever reason (inhaling too much fresh air or all the sugar from dessert) he just laughed his head off and went right back at it.

LOVE this shot of Elias! See his half moon eyes crinkled in delight! Hooray for perfect moments in an imperfect life!

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! The "golden hour" truly is golden!