Sunday, July 7, 2013


Typically I've dreaded summer and trying to keep my children busy and happy without the relief of just sending them outside to play. AZ summers are hard that way. But this year was different. I hadn't realized how worn out I was just with the routine of getting the two older ones to preschool and being the permanent aide on other days. It's been nice just to get up slowly and enjoy the morning without needed to rush off. I've been more relaxed and so have the children and we've enjoyed each other much more!

We did enroll Isaac into the Bellair swim team, in part to improve his swimming abilities (and thus help with my anxiety of having 3 little ones in the pool at once) but also to help him deal with his fears of athletics and find confidence in competitive situations. Being the cheap Asian that I am, I can't help but love that he has daily swim practice for a mere $110 for six weeks! Hard to beat.
The anxiety before the race ....
Leaping at the start!
Enjoying some summer treats! The drumsticks were our celebration treats post-meet.

He's grown by leaps and bounds! Not only has his freestyle and back stroke improved in technique, but he is much more comfortable in water. He has also learned breaststroke and even butterfly and with each swim meet his times improve. I wondered initially if was doing it to please me, but despite the anxiety he has grown a love for it and his improving skills. Of course winning ribbons helps motivate too!

Keila has also done some swim lessons and is ever our mermaid princess, fearless in the water! Had I known she had such confidence I'd enroll her into swim team too. We will next year.

Eli was constantly surrounded by adoring kids.

Initially I dread getting everyone into swimsuits and ready for yet another meet. Is hard managing all the kids there in all the craziness, especially for Elias and the noise but in the end I never regret it. One thing this been nice is the fact that Keila cheers Isaac along. Her eyes echo his anxiety before the race and she offers a fervent prayer for him and a quick hug. I see the admiration she has when he succeeds on finishing and loves how she cheers continuously. We've even developed our own cheer and song for each other. It's been something that has brought us together as a family and an unexpected gift.

Keila also had the chance to participate in a summer week long dance class done by Ella Bingham. I remember when she Keila's age and now she's grown up. Apparently she remembers me and our pet rabbit Sunshine. She had a grown up so much! She taught a range of girls from 3 to 10, Keila being the youngest and they did pieces from Beauty and the Beast. Apparently during practice Keila was a fairly active participant. Keila being who she is would duck out and refuse to take part when she was tired but Ella said she never got in the way and would jump in when she was ready.
She was so excited when Isaac, Elias and I showed up for the recital that she clung to us more. Perhaps it was the crowds, she's shyer than Isaac, or lack of sleep but for much of it she kept wandering back to us. Isaac was a little indignant at it and would push her back up front saying, "I'm supporting you in dancing so you better dance!" Which had me chuckling, it reminded me of the one swim meet when Keila was so anxious for him stopping in the lane that she simply screamed as long as she could at him. Loving sibling support!

I've never been really into sports, but I've found its a way to discipline ourselves to do hard things and somehow it means a lot when we know we are not alone but cheered on by those we love. A metaphor for life if you will. I'm proud of Isaac for his hard work and determination to face his fears. I'm proud of Keila and her sweet spirit and strives with him in heart. I hope and pray we will always be such with each other!

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  1. Love it! Hope my kids will be in swim team and have great experiences like your little ones have.

    The price in MD is surely alot higher though. Enjoy your summer,