Sunday, July 7, 2013

Another Year Already!

I'm a whooping thirty eight years of age and while it didn't sound too old to me it tends to feel old since all the other mothers with young children like mine are more than a decade younger. The biggest part of my birthday gift was the trip out to Maryland but a cake "has to" happen according to my children. So on our date night Kent and I got one at the Asian market. I love that the icing is light and fluffy, perfect for the summer heat! Without needing to say much, the kids were really good with minimal of fighting - not much more a mother could ask for!

At the end of the day Isaacs comment was that he never got me a gift and I told I'm he did with his good behavior. He seems rather pleased with himself and made the comment, " oh good, I'm glad I did, it's a nice cheap present!" That's definitely my boy!

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