Thursday, October 24, 2013

Open Possibilities!

Up until recently I never thought much about Eli's future. To be honest I was too overwhelmed with doctors, appointments, navigating governement agencies and therapies to think much beyond it. Now that things have settled in a routine and Eli has begun to show us a little more of his own personality, I realize he will not always be a baby but someday a man. He will have his own dreams and hopes and I wondered how much it would be like his older siblings. Would he drive, go to college, get married? I know now that such hopes and dreams are within his reach. It will take longer just like all things have for him, but he can have the typical life despite his atypical genome. In fact I have a feeling he will appreciate all his life and accomplishments so much more because of his extra chromosome!

Those with Down syndrome are breaking down stereotypes all over the world. There are several who are actors and actresses, models,a business owner named Tim Harris in Albuquerque and the list will go one I'm sure. I'm grateful to these people for working so hard so others like them can see that the possibilities can be endless! Check out this article from Huffington Post to glimpse just a few!

After watching his sister color with the chalk, the little man decided to make his own mark on the world!

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