Monday, January 6, 2014

Halloween Mice, Mermaids and Ninjas

It's begun, it's that crazy time of year where no matter how much I cut back, life is still a whirlwind of activity! I had entertained ideas of getting the kids into costume and dong a photo shoot at the park but reality hit and with sinus infections and guests coming into town the day after I settled for these single shots.

Isaac has hit a new phase where taking pictures of his is not cool. He's rather adamant about it, enough that it attracts the opposite of what he wants. While attending a friends reception recently he kept dodging the camera that made the photographer even more determined to get a picture. I'm glad she suceeded where we didnt on this night. Suffice it to say he has continued with his obsession with ninjas. Unfortunately the costume I made last year had fallen apart so we bought one for this year.

Eli was our famous Mickey Mouse sans the ears. He would only tolerate so much silliness from us apparently

Keila continues her fascination with mermaids but this costume was a keeper since it allowed her the much coveted tail. After the night of trick or treating she conceded that being a mermaids weren't made for trick or treating unless it was in water.

La sigh, perhaps I'll manage those shots next year!

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