Thursday, January 9, 2014


For thanksgiving we drove up to Vegas to visit with my old roomamate and her family. It's a rare thing when both husband, wife and kids match so well with ours exactly. Isaac had the big brother he always wanted to discuss Beyblades with, Keila had a big sister to learn from and a little sister to be silly with and Eli had adoration from a new set of siblings and their youngest became his partner in cuteness! When we visit the Yangs it a known thing that its a thanksgiving weekend and not just a day. We eat, sleep, play mahjong and repeat. I'm positive I've gained 10 lbs over the those 3 days!

Some simple fun in the backyard while Kari and I ready dinner.
Between sessions of gluttony we did manage to go to some parks. I wish I had the camera with me each of those times, so simple, so fun! Just a few shots of good family fun! These moments are so fleeting and the joy and laughter echo back for the ages!

We also got the chance to spend some time with Becky and joe. The last time we were up there for Aubrey's baby blessing, Becky's mom was the consummate host so I had to send a little something to thank her. These peppermint sugar scrubs are what i gave her and are my Christmas item for fundraising for sharing Down syndrome of AZ. Aren't they cute?! Great inexpensive gifts for women who need a little pampering! Depending on how it goes I think I'll do a few different scents later in time for Mother's Day.

These last two pictures really sum up the weekend, I love the fact that Brian sleeps on even as his girl climbs all over him! We are so grateful for family and friends and most of all, the little moments that give life so much joy! Happy Thanksgiving!

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