Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year Festivities!

New Years is always difficult when you have little ones. Over the years we've done get togethers with friends and over a pot of soup, some fireworks and treats we ring in the new year and call it done at 8pm. Our gathering was smaller this year with the Boomgardens and Clay and Natalie Johnson. It was a blast though with the addition of our fireplace where we roasted marshmellows and chatted until the late hour of 9pm!

This little man was camped out by the fireplace, he didn't want to miss a single smore!
No texture issues here! All the gooey sweetness a little man could handle!
Many thanks to "The Baby Whisperer" who kept the little girl content for the evening festivities!
Special thanks also to Rick for the excellent pictures. I always love a visual record of our doings and the fourth child has made that so much harder to take any at all, let alone ones of quality.
Many happy wishes for the 2015!

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