Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pumpkin's Blessing

Leoras baby blessing was on January 11 and we were so happy that so many friends and family could join us. With all the changes of life it can be hard to get together but those that were able put out a huge effort to be there for which we were grateful for.
Leora decked out in her glory being held by her Aunt Christine.
Lots of fun for everyone!

We've gotten together with Kent's family as much as three times in the last three months, but never got pictures so we made a point of taking some this day. I think the last time we got together and had photos was at our wedding!
At Leora's two month appointment she was in the 60th percentile for weight but the 87th percentile for height! The cutie beanpole loves to be snuggled and will happily snack on her fingers until we can entertain her. She's learned to be quiet in the daytime, for fear of attracting unwanted attention from Eli. Even when she cries, it sounds more like complaining and she will go silent if brother comes for fear of losing an ear or nose to his curious investigations. Once everyone is in bed she spends much of the evening gooing and cooing at us while gazing with her brown doe eyes for our appropriate response.
She's such a beautiful little girl and the moments I gaze at her as she sleeps in my arms I am filled with wonder for who she might become. We love our little button!

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