Monday, February 23, 2015

Pumpkins at Four Months

We just recently had Leora's fourth month appointment. Both Kent and I are astounded at how quickly she's grown, she's now over 25 inches long which puts her in the 89 percentile for height, she weighs just over 12 pounds which makes her a bit of a beanpole since that puts her at the 26 percentile for weight. The doctor is sure it was a recent bout of illness where she had trouble keeping her food down that had her weight so low.
We are also amazed with how quickly she learns things! Perhaps it's because things have been different with having Eli, but it seems as if she learns new skills literally overnight. We've had so many therapies that I try and watch for the signs that tell me that she's at the brink of learning a new skill. Rolling over for instance is a huge milestone, but I seem to miss them all, because the next thing you know she's swinging her hips over and popped onto her tummy much to her dismay! She is so very deliberate in reaching for toys to stick in her mouth. at times i can see that focused concentration, furrowed brow as she sucks in her lower lip, determined to grab the ice cream cone i have in my hands. I love her independence and that I can place her in the bouncer and she will happily playing on her own so long as you chatter with her on and off and she can watch us busy with our work.
First selfie on my phone!

She still is fairly cautious of Elias, she quickly becomes silent when he comes near and if his pats are gentle she'll watch him with a wary expression. If his patting becomes a little firmer she'll begin to whimper as if to give us warning, "He's too close for my comfort right now!" As for Keila she always smiles warmly until the loving is much too suffocating and then hollers in protest. Isaac is always there to help when I can't give her the desired attention, he can pick her up or hold her in his lap while he plays and she likes the security that big brother offers. They will be such an interesting crowd as they get older.

We just began solids the other day and she was thrilled to try it out, ever so pleased with her big-girl self! She's had oatmeal and carrots and is unsure of the taste but happy to make a go of it every meal.
She's grown so very much, it happens all too quickly. How we love our sweetie little pumpkin pie!

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