Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine Weekend Happenings

Isaac and Kent attended the rock and mineral show in Tucson Arizona for this Valentine's Day. It was a dream come true for Isaac as he was in his element! He was very happy with the rocks that he took home and even help to pick out a small surprise for Keila.
Kent went there looking for a gift for me and really wanted to get this jade necklace but it costed entirely too much, especially given that Eli loves ripping things off my neck so I got this texted to me instead! ;)
Keila I had some girl time and which included doing our nails, watching frozen, eating all her favorite foods, and she even got to sleep in my big bed! Things apparently would've been a little more fun if the two youngest weren't around so she's considering going next year with The boys.
Eli attended his very first birthday party! Normally he hasn't responded positively to these events. Even his very own party has him staring at all the people, overstimulated by all the action he doesn't even touch his own cake. I was a little worried, but excited as well for this social learning opportunity. We watched the Signing Time episode on birthdays, reviewd the signs and told him his friend Martin from preschool invited him to a party, did he want to go? It was a clear "Yah!" To my total surprise he took a moment to observe and then jumped right in to play. He clapped enthusiastically when we sang the birthday song and nothing stopped him from devouring a cupcake either! He was clearly exhausted after the event though.
The bounce house was the most overwhelming, but once he was out of there, I could barely get him to pause long enough for a few pictures.
The joy of being the youngest is that you have many hand-me-downs. Keila never had as many dresses is Liora and it's always a treat picking out what she will wear for the next Sunday. I tried to capture some of the dresses and her on one of her sick days but she wasn't very cooperative. She kept her smile hidden until Kent came home and he managed a few happier shots of her, all decked out in her finery.
Gotta love these kiddos! They're the best Valentine I could ask for!

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