Saturday, April 25, 2015

Half a Year!?!

Leora is six months! We can hardly believe she's been with us for half a year! She's a doll, in fact we've taken to calling her goo goo doll since she constantly 'goos' her thoughts on everything. She has already figured out that for her voice to be heard in our chaotic household she needs to take a more proactive approach and while there are no clear words there, there is no mistaking her meaning from her tone and very expressive eyebrows! We've even heard her thoughts while she nurses from me, as if to complain about the flavor of the milk for the hour! No underestimating this little gal!
Leora wearing her gift from Sister Young
She started solids two months back and is loving it! Her favorites are definitely pear, pear and more pear! She likes things with flavor, homemade hummus for example and avocado, but only if there is a touch of onion powder and salt. She already craves independence in eating so the rice crackers are becoming a staple if we want a quieter meal as a family.

She always has a warm smile for Isaac and is facinated by Keila's hair. With Eli we already see the love-hate relationship the older two have, echoed when they are paired together. She laugh the biggest belly laughs when they 'jump and dance' together. She especially loves playing peek a boo with him. But Eli is quick to assert his position as the older sibling, dictating when it is her turn to over her face with the blanket. If at times she commanders more attention from me, he will put his face close to her to intimidate and pull what little fuzzy hair to has as if to reminder her who's boss! She's learned the system though and is more than capable of defending herself, she wails her displeasure and gives him a piece of her mind from the safety of our arms. she is one tough cookie!
We all love her smiles which grow wider and wider when she knows she has your undivided attention. Sometimes she'll grab my face with two hands put her open mouth over my cheek, making it look like a kiss. We're not exactly sure what it is, probably it's her firm way of asking for some milk but for now we call it goo goo loves!

Three weeks ago she began to sit up. She's in the 88th percentile for height but only the 27th percentile for weight, her petite frame makes her look entirely too little to being doing this already. With each child time seems to pass more quickly and before I know it she'll be crawling. With all her spunk and personality, we are grateful to have her in our lives. Thanks for being you pumpkin!

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