Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break 2015

For this year we opted on a staycation. The idea of traveling with all four was exhausting let alone planning it. Simplification is the key to my sanity. Besides, there were plenty of things in town we hadn't done in a while and as long as we limited my cooking and everyone helped with cleaning, I could feel like I had time off too!

We started the break with a Sharing Down Syndrome event at Rockin R Ranch. The older two enjoyed the egg hunt, petting zoo and especially panning for gold. Isaac's comment was that it was awfully hard work panning for fake gold, he couldn't imagine doing it for real gold. Getting a real job would be much easier ... Hope that lesson sticks! ☺️
Eli LOVED the bubbles! As his sight isn't the best and his focus was on the translucent balls falling from above I had to keep an eye for him walking into any objects. He also loved the dancing and would do his own bubby moves but the hoe down with Baba was a definite highlight! The afternoon was spent with friends and family in Queen Creek.

On Monday we went out near Cottonwood to the Out of Africa Zoo. We'd heard from some friends that it was well worth it for an close up of animals. It wasn't exactly Isaac's cup of tea but Keila loved it!
I've become use to people recognizing Eli's extra chromosome, but it was a whole new experience for Kent. We met a two families with children with DS, one grown up and other was a beautiful 10 year girl. It was neat to chat about our children and the upcoming National DS Conference here in Phoenix' Gotta love our greater family!

On Tuesday we went to the Children's Museum. We hadn't been there in years and there were a few new rooms added. Eli was pretty overstimulated so Kent took him to the room designed for the littlest ones where he enjoyed he could play in a quieter environment. He especially loved opening and shutting the gate over and over.
Isaac and Keila had a blast in the fort building room while Leora napped on me. If only I could have a room like this for the kiddos, then my couches would be safe at last!
While I went to Utah for Grandpa Wright's funeral, Kent went with the kiddos to the Science Center.
In the meantime Leora and I visited an old friend from my college days. Her kids doted on my pumpkin and we talked. It seems like it was only yesterday when we single, chatting up the late hours. Now conversations are interspersed with instructions to our children, feeding them or helping with homework. Even so, some things don't change and Satomi and I had fun catching up.

The week ended perfectly as we celebrated Easter and listened to the prophet and apostles speak in General Conference. The subject of families and having Christ-centered homes echoed much of what I felt during the week. We are so grateful that Kent was able to take the time off, to make these memories and enjoy each others company. These are the things that last!

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