Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pumpkin At Almost a Year!

Pumpkin is offically 11 months! She goes by so many nicknames in our household - Goo goo Doll, Pumpkin Goo, Goozy, Button - but whatever you call her, she's a bright light we can't imagine our lives without.
There's a whole lot of spunk in her petite frame. It must come from being the fourth child, or having the brother just older than her not be so gentle. I've watched as Bubby grabs a toy from her that she assert her right quick as a blink, pulling it back with a defiant yell. If that doesn't work, she's quick to get recruits and seems to have the older two wrapped around her finger.
She loves chocolate!
She is ever so affectionate! Very early on she would hug back and even show that affection to those who play with her which delighted the people at the kid club of the gym I go to. Anything soft and furry just begs for her to bury her face into and squeeze with her little arms. Her favorite stuff animals all happen to be larger than her and it's amusing to see her struggle moving the stuffed animal when she's done 'hugs and loves'. Just like Big Sissy she is facinated by animals and watches them with intense curiosity, gently reaching out to touch when she deems it safe and giggling if kisses are given in return.
Much to our chagrin she is physically one of our strongest kids. She is determined to walk and will probably take her first steps very soon which will have me frazzeled with keeping up with her and Bubby. Just tonight she stood up on her own and I watched her face change from one of shock to extreme pride - I'm a big girl I am! She began clapping for herself which knocked her back to her bottom but she kept grinning. I suspect if she didn't spend so much time in a carseat shuffling her siblings around she's be running circles around us by now!

This is back in early July

This is the end of July. Crazy gal!

She's still a chatter bug and we often have conversations while I drive. When I imitate her she's delighted and you can hear it in her squeals and giggles. This seems to have ilicited more verbal response from Bubby who chatters back to us. It makes me wonder what I'll see in a few years between the two.

I love watching her sleep, her little bottom in the air,so peaceful and calm. Occasionally she blows bubbles too!
She is just a joy to have in our lives. I'm so glad we were blessed with her!

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  1. Oh, I love that beautiful girl of yours! It's crazy that she's almost a year!!!!