Sunday, September 27, 2015

Weekend Fun

I work hard around the home so that weekends can be spent doing something fun as a family. Fall is the perfect time of year for it and free fun is to be found everywhere. These shots were taken out in Scottsdale with vendors aimed at kids. It's neat to know all the things that are avaliable to kids, just wished I had the money. We had fun trying it all out though.
Eli has had fun attending a few birthday parties and learning how to sign happy birthday to them.

We got a groupon pass to the Children's Museum and the two little ones and I went during the weekday. Little man was so busy I had to keep him strapped in the stroller unless we were in a closed off room. He's keeping me on my feet, that's for sure.

A Rita's run with our favorite Grandma!
Glendale Teddy Bear Tea festival. Keila took one of her teddy bears and donated it to the Fire Department for children in crisis. I'm proud of her generous heart.

It's nice to have all these memories but sometimes it tires us out a little!

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