Sunday, September 18, 2016

Friendship Is Ageless!

I love getting together with old friends!  The years melt away and despite my growing gray hairs and softer body I feel as if time never passed.  Melanie  and I knew each other back in high school.   It still amazes me that two Canadian girls both ended up in Phoenix, AZ.  We saw each other 9 years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest.  Not long later she moved but a fortuitous timing and visit to her sister-in-law had us getting together once again.  She with her darling boy Max and me with my four munchkins.  Her nephew joined us too, and we all had fun and shared a lovely lunch!

Her little man even have fun in the pool!

Who knows but perhaps we can have a reunion of sorts again in a few years and see how everyone has grown and changed.

With homeschooling we can take vacations whenever we want.  We opted for a visit with old friends in Vegas, my old roommate and her family.  With our kids all being about the same age it was heaven for everyone.  The adults happily spent time cooking, eating, playing mahjong and catching up on old times. 

Bud found a playmate in their oldest daughter, everything from Minecraft to Monopoly.  She had a great calming effect but was just as enthusiastic as him in all their pretend play.   He was so very sad the day we left.

These two were inseperable!  K always wanted someone who would love the outdoors and bugs and plants.  The Yang's have a 'bug heaven' in their backyard and a little girl (who's not so little anymore!) to play along with her making some of the 'best days EVER!'

Sadly it was getting dark but the kids had a blast doing wheelbarrows at the park

Sadly Kari my old roommate wouldn't allow me to post a picture of her but she didn't say I couldn't post a picture from our days in college as roommates!

Me on the bottom left and Karri on the top right.  It doesn't feel so long ago and yet we all have kiddos now.

So grateful for friend and friendships that are ageless!

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