Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bearizona and Homeschool Fun

Falling into our own rhythm with homeschooling has made me realize that I'm missing picture worthy moments!  They've just been such a part of our daily lives that I don't capture them like I should.  It would be helpful if I could keep my phone on me but Bubbalicious  fights so hard to have it for his music that for my phone and wallet's sake I keep it out of sight.  I did manage to capture a few of these times though when I had a breathing moment to grab the DSLR.

Baba has access to dry ice which makes for all sorts of fun!  Carbonated water and a shattered tomato were some of our latest experiements with it.

A lesson on pointillism for art and a project that hangs on our door as our nod to the fall season.  I'm hoping to do a little more with subject perhaps have more art to show for it.

We finished taking a part an old camera and found a motor in it that Kent hooked up to a battery to show  Bud how it works.  He loved it and has dreams of 'motorizing' many other creations!

Even Pumpkin gets in on the fun, especially when sister is doing art.

Sometimes she's more ambitious, like the morning leaving from therapies where she was adamant that she sit in the drivers seat.  When I asked where I should sit she pointed to the back!  Sorry Pumpkin, you may want to learn to drive but it ain't happening anytime soon!

Bubby is learning and practicing in ways we never intended.  He loves his bread and butter for breakfast and decided to practice buttering my counter one morning.  He scattered pretty quick when I came down from my shower!

These two are also learning about taking turns and cheering each other on.  It took a bit to get them there (screaming, scratching, pushing ...) but once they figured it out it was loads of fun.  Some of the best lessons learned are ones like these!

On our trip out to Vegas we stopped a new park called Bearizona.  We were a little dubious at first but it turned out to be so much fun.  We didn't even get to see all of it but we an annual pass and plan to be back in November. 

She just looks so cuddly there!

Eli ran and ran EVERYWHERE!!!

Crazy 400lb  bigheaded bison!  No wonder they have such huge shoulders, you really need muscle to keep move that heavy of a skull, it's a wonder they don't tip over!

We missed out on pictures of the raptor show.  The birds flew right over our heads, skimming our hair with their talons.  It's a testament to their accuracy and it was thrilling to watch.

For whatever reason we never caught pictures of the live bears we saw but we missed a few other animals and several other shows and feedings so I guess we'll just have to go back again soon!

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