Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cousin Fun!

Canada is a long way off so it's always a big treat when Auntie Samantha and Uncle James come to visit.  The last time they came there were no little cousins for my kids to play with but this time they had both Lucas and Else to love on qnd they couldn't get enough.  We meet up in Bearizona first:

Leora and Lucas both seemed to enjoy the petting zoo area

Of course there was a lengthy discussion about what a fox says ...

More fun with peacocks

The Raptor show is well worth it there.  Kent got to sit in and see it  while I wandered with Eli and managed a few good shots with the camera.

That last one is to give you and idea of how close they fly over your heads.  It's amazing how silent and swift they are!

James and Sam took a detour up to Antelope canyon so Keila waited impatiently for their return so she could love on the "oh so cute!' Elsa!  After that we spent one day at the Sea Life aquarium.  It was super overstimulating for Eli but fun for Keila.

The next day Kent took off and we went to the AZ Lego Discovery Museum.

Bubby was having a rough time but we gave him the old phone to play with and took him into the parent's lounge which was much quieter and he stayed happy.

For their final full day we wanted to do something that Lucas would love - what better than a train park!

The trip was topped off with a video call with Uncle Joe and Aunt Becky.  While we had lots of fun going to new places and seeing new things, I still cherish the memories of Lucas squealing with laughter at Isaac's antics, Keila and Leora gazing with adoration at Elsa, Lucas and Aubrey showing toys to each other over the call.  These weren't  things I had the chance to capture on camera, but they were the things that warmed my heart the most.  I never really knew my extended family but I hope that my kiddos will remember each other and grow in the love they share in being family.  Thanks to Uncle James and Aunt Samantha for making the trip out our way.  We love you guys!!

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