Monday, November 28, 2016

Team Montierth

One of the best parts of homeschooling is there is more time for fun with other homeschool friends.  We are lucky to have a few of these families nearby and I managed to catch a few of these pictures one afternoon.

I love how age isn't a barrier to friendship and while O is several years older than Keila, they could happily play Pokémon Go and he shared one of his favorite foods, peanut butter on banana.

The other nice thing is that homeschooling has really allowed us to keep on top of chores during the week so that weekends are free to be spent elsewhere.  Sometimes I take the girls to a pet store (Bug-love was terrified to hold this chick but once she got over her fear she was dying to bring it home!) Or we simply find time to play a game.
Or to go to a fair for Banner workers and volunteers.  The kids enjoyed the bounce houses, food and got to see firetrucks and helicopters up close.

Knowing there are special activities seems to motivate them to focus on their work, get chores done (because there's many more with more bodies at home) and helps our family feel more like a team.  These next two shots were of a trunk or treat at our ward party and a free scary pancake dinner from IHOP for Halloween day.  With a family as large as ours we rarely eat out so this was indeed memorable - much less the fact it was sweet pancakes!

There are times they really do get on wrong side of each other.  Bickering is still something we need to constantly nip in the bud, but there is also the other side of it.  I love it when I see Bud take on vaccuming for Bug because she's running behind and they both want to hear me read Harry Potter, or when I see Pumpkin playing with Bubby despite his rough ways.  They've begun to realize that life is better working together and hopefully these habits will foster strong relationships as they get older.
Childhood just seems more natural like this for us.  More time for exploring and play, more time with family and more time for love!

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