Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Entrepreneur Course 101

We've been losing some of our best homeschool friends lately who's life circumstances have them moving farther away.  One such we've known for years and we are sad to see them go to Las Vegas but wish them the very best on their new adventure.

Before heading out they had a garage sale and Lyndsey had suggested the idea of a kid lemonade and cookie sale on the side.  It was brilliant since every child harbors dreams of getting rich off a lemonade stand and I could know my kiddos were safe selling while caring for the littlest two at home.  We hopped on board right away.

There were some 'advertizing' lessons as their initial signs were not well written or spaced appropriately.  I remembered something a friend mentioned see and used it as an example:
'Works of art' versus 'Works o fart'. 
Besides a good laugh it helped them to see that presentation is worth the effort.

They were told since it was their business, they had to do most of the work.  Picking and juicing lemons, baking cookies, making signs for the garage sale, etc.  It was hard work!

Bud said the hardest part was selling when there was a lull in the crowd.  They still did pretty good between the four of them they earned just over $10 a person.  (there were some very generous garage salers who dropped all their extra change)  When asked if they wanted to own their own business in the future Bug said it was fun but Bud was a definite no, "Too much work and no breaks!"

Bud is definitely not the most motivated kiddo, deadlines seem to really push him.  His pinewood derby car was done the day before the race.  Without a saw and with little time for help from me we pulled out the sander and he sanded the heck out of the block and achieved a fairly nice car in the end.  He really did do most of the work and that's something to be proud of!  As for the procrastination, I hope he has learned to plan ahead a little more!


The kids have made some good friends in our homeschool coop and weekly playdates are their favorite.  It's nice to swap kids for a few hours and have them happily entertained.


I love that they have time to play with friends now. 

Homeschool coop keeps us busy.  Cooking classes on pizzas, enchiladas, art class on figure drawing, science work books and owl pellets.  Its nice that we've all learned these things before coming and that the time together serves to reinforce their knowledge in a social setting.

All this coop ends at the end of March.  It's been a such fun and a blessing.  We can honestly say we love our Monday mornings and not many people can say that!

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